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Experience the perfect relaxation and refreshment with the wellness services of Hotel Szarvaskút✭✭✭✭, where the harmony of body and soul is at the centre.

Wellness opening hours: every day from 7 am to 10 pm

Spa & Wellness

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Bamboo Massage

Today’s newest, most exotic massage has quickly become a favourite with our guests. The massage, with exotic aromatic oils and bamboo sticks of different sizes, has a special atmosphere and an excellent relaxing effect. A must for gourmets.

17 500,- Ft | 50 minutes

Lava stone massage

During the massage treatment warm whinstone is used to smooth, rub and knead the muscles, also supplemented with manual massage. The heat, combined with the different massage techniques, increases blood circulation, stimulates the body’s energy balance and relaxes the muscles very well.

22 000,- Ft | 80 minutes

Salt massage

Massage with a mixture of Himalayan salt crystals and various essential oils. After removing the dead skin cells, it also cleanses the deeper layers, as the massage enhances the absorption of the mixture. In addition to its excellent detoxifying and relaxing effects, it leaves your skin silky smooth and velvety.

9 900,- Ft | 25 minutes

Chocolate massage

The special feature of a wellness massage with traditional massage elements is that instead of a neutral cream or oil, massage is performed using cream containing caffeine and chocolate. It leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and freshly refreshed.

13 900,- Ft | 40 minutes

Refreshing Swedish massage

A true classic, the most popular kind of massage even today. Kneading, rubbing and relaxing the muscles has a blood circulation-enhancing, regenerating effect. It is refreshing not only for the body, but also for the soul. In addition to our natural, neutral creams, the massage effect can be enhanced by the use of cooling, regenerating or blood-plumping creams.

7 900,- Ft | 25 minutes

12 900,- Ft | 50 minutes

Chair massage

The modern chair massage is a back, shoulder, neck and arm massage performed in a special kneeling chair. The massage is performed through the clothes, so even our shyer guests can enjoy this form of refreshment.

4 900,- Ft | 15 minutes

Migraine therapy with chair massage

Chair massage focusing on relaxing the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle, stimulating the blood supply to the brain. Especially recommended for headaches, migraines and stress.

4 900,- Ft | 15 minutes

Maternity massage

A gentle massage in a special seated position to relax the strained spine and back, and to improve well-being.

9 900,- Ft | 30 minutes

Regenerating foot massage

For weary hikers on long trails, it helps relieve the unpleasant symptoms of muscle ache. The effect of the creamy sports massage, which increases blood circulation, can be further enhanced by using a sauna or a cold – warm water bath.

4 900,- Ft | 15 minutes

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