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Our story

One beautiful sunny spring afternoon, I was sitting on the swing my partner had given me for my birthday, enjoying the silence, the peaceful, quiet, beautiful scenery, and suddenly a sentence left my mouth: “But it would be nice if there were deer grazing in this beautiful meadow…!”
This is where our story started. The idea was quickly followed by action, and after a few months of administrative and official approval processes, we received the official permits to set up the game farm by Christmas 2022, while the farm was also completed with the necessary structures. We were excitedly ready to welcome our first newcomers, who soon arrived, and we were among the first to greet Mami, our lead cow, Cremor, the white bull, the indistinguishable Twins, and Brunót, then charming and sweet, who has since grown into a frivolous man.
We quickly made friends with them, and thanks to the many apples, carrots and time spent with them, we had the honour of being quickly accepted as part of the team.
After a while, the team expanded in stages, with Bruno’s childhood playmate Enzo, the three white Sisters, and finally Moccha the black cow joining us. Now the farm has really come to life in a spectacular way. At all times of the day, they made a stunning sight on the spring landscape.
In the summer, we were filled with more happiness bonbons as our pregnant daughters gave birth to their calves. So we were joined by Cinti, Sunny Boy, Eperke, Latte, éand the fragile little Angel.
With the expansion of the team, the number of swings around the farm has also increased, so that more people can enjoy the total relaxation and mental recreation that one can experience in the middle of the Bakony, while sitting in a swing in a beautiful environment and enjoying the tranquillity of nature for a short time.
We wish you all a pleasant swing!
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