Szarvaskút Oven and BBQ Restaurant


Oven-baked food
every day of the week

Our restaurant is not a typical hotel restaurant, nor is it a “folklore” restaurant. As the name suggests, our restaurant’s show kitchen is equipped with a wood-fired oven, which is in operation every day of the week – so in addition to the usual restaurant offer, our guests can also choose from our oven-prepared dishes and BBQ offer. Your stay is completed by air-conditioned, harmonious interiors and a terrace.
Our a’ la carte menu is available from 12-17 on weekdays.
Buffet table is available weekday evenings from 18 to 21, and from 12 to 21 on weekends and public holidays.

Book your table with ease and discover the flavours of the Bakony with our food accompanied by our hospitality!

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‘No waste’ discount

Food waste is one of the biggest environmental problems facing our society.
In the European Union an average of 91 kg of food per person is thrown away every year, wasting valuable working time, energy, and water, unnecessarily increasing our carbon emissions.
Thank you for participating in our hotel’s No Waste programme to help protect our environment.
The No Waste discount card can be used within the indicated validity period, on the occasion of your next room reservation. Before settling your final bill, please hand in the card to our reception to have discounted validated from the final amount. The discount is not personal, so it can also be transferred to someone else if you are not able to visit us again within 1 year.

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Taste the culinary wonders of the Bakony!

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Oven and BBQ restaurant


For reservations, please call any of the following phone numbers: +36 88 414 001 or +36 30 461 1129, or write an e-mail to the address below:

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