About our hotel

About our hotel

Perfect recharge
in the Bakony!

Hotel Szarvaskút✭✭✭✭ is located 3 km from the capital of the Bakony, Zirc, in a forest environment. Our all-year-round-open hotel with high quality services and a total of 38 rooms awaits its guests looking for relaxation and recreation.

The Bakony attraction

Our Bakony is your island of peace...

Gently rolling hills, endless dense forests, gentle stream valleys, diverse wildlife, clean, fresh air – these are the images that surely come to mind when many of us mention the Bakony. But the Bakony is not only rich in natural attractions. Both in the field of culture and active tourism, this landscape boasts a number of nationally outstanding attractions, which provide visitors a rich and varied program offer at any time of the year.
The Bakony’s attraction, this diversity is complemented by the high quality services of our hotel, so that the time spent here is a truly perfect recharge for the visitor.
As a tip we have collected attractions, program options, tours, and hikes within a 20-25 km radius.

About our hotel

The legend of Szarvaskút

Many centuries ago, the unspoilt forest of the Bakony Mountains was a favourite hunting ground, as herds of deer would often quench their thirst along the crystal clear spring water that flowed from the forest.
But the deer would give a signal at every sound and the herd would suddenly move as one and flee from the hunters. However, a graceful male with a magnificent trophy still managed to be wounded by a hunter near the spring. The wounded bull, relieved of the pain of his gunshot wound, took a long drink of the cool spring water, which gave him back his strength and allowed him to escape from the hunter. The legendary spring still supplies the lake in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Szarvaskút with clean drinkable water.

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